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In Concert Learning creates innovative, customized Concept-Based Arts Integration educational programming for orchestras and other musical organizations. While we offer many existing programs from which to choose, In Concert Learning is really an educational design process more than a specific program. We can design customized programming to utilize any existing community engagement activity in which an organization engages to create integrated, transformative educational outreach programs. We can also help organizations design and implement coherent, integrated expansion plans for their educational programs.

Our programs make music the common denominator in understanding concepts that are authentically shared between music and other school subjects. By exploring concepts across domains, students are given opportunities to move beyond isolated facts within each subject to develop and demonstrate deeper, connected understandings.

Included in each program are concert scripts, musical repertoire and arrangements, screen animations, visual slides, curriculum and media, and supplemental classroom activity materials. Programs are also available for in-school ensemble assemblies and arranged for any desired instrumentation.

Our concert programs take the stress out of preparing programming for Young People's Concerts and Family Concerts. All material is prepared with your specific budget, ensemble size and organizational needs.

Program rental costs start at just $300! Call or email us today!

Sample Screen Animation for Tracking Rhythms

Sample Screen Animation for Be Like Beethoven: Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle

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